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Durham May Get a New Highrise?


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I saw that article today too. It's kind of hard to get excited over this yet. At the moment, it just seems like an urban renewal project to get rid of a dilapidated, burned out, fungi-infested structure, so that at some point in the distant future a developer might possibly be able to consider building something on that lot.

Now it certainly would be cool if that happened (this is inside the "loop" after all) but I wouldn't exactly hold my breath for an announcement, not just yet anyway.

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I think this actually is quite likely to happen, albeit at a smaller scale than suggested in the article. The developer has been working on this project for a while and is quite committed to it. The city made a big deal of it last summer when they started the negotiations with this group, and according to the Office of Economic and Employment Development, it's probably going to be under construction in the next year or two.

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