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Another skyscraper for KC


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Another skyscraper which is proposed for the plaza north of Valencia Place will be 12 floors. It is the 3rd (or 4th if you include 10 floor buildings) to be proposed or u/c in the last year in the Plaza area.

This raises Kansas City's number of skyscrapers proposed & u/c to 21. Another, Alameda Tower II is on hold since alot of other residential units are going up in the area.

St. Lukes Hospital also proposed a 9 floor building several months ago, but its actual construction date isnt known.

The following buildings are proposed for the plaza:

West Edge Office Tower: 10 floors

St. Lukes Hospital Tower: 9 floors

Alameda Tower II (on hold): 21 floors

American Century Expansion: 13 floors

and todays proposal: 12 floors

The following two skyscrapers are under construction in the plaza:

Kirkwood Circle: 13 floors

Plaza Colonnade: 10 (or 11) floors

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well, it will be this summer, you wouldn't only have some of the skyscrapers, but also the different projects if they follow through. (there should also be tens of thousands of parking space in at least 5 new garages around downtown)

Just look at what H&R Block/Cordish are going to do:


(btw, the tall building on the left is the P&L building, the president hotel to the right, which isnt shown, will be renovated so that little plaza will still have the president on it)



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They are skyscrapers according to the CTBUH and SS.com, except for those under 12 floors.

To me, a skyscraper is something that can be seen easily in a skyline, even if hidden in the center (of course).

Also, alot of the buildings like in the H&R Block proposal have additional things on top which could official make them skyscrapers.

Just so you know, I believe this is the start of a much larger building boom. KC's booms are seperated by about 5-8 years and last about 9 years or a little less. But those are estimates. The building booms have increased in height and length over time. The last big one lasted from about 1980 to 1991. (11 years of course)

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While something like 12 floors is considered a skyscraper by SS.com, IMO buildings aren't skyscrapers until they reach about 20 floors in height. To me, a 12 floor building would be a midrise. But regardless of whether they are actually skyscrapers or not, it's great to see more density being added to DTKC.

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