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Charleroi, PA


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Awesome! I've always wanted to see Charleroi! Your home town looks gorgeous... great buildings... great tree-lined commercial streets... looks a bit depressed in some spots... I hate to see nice buildings like that used for "Check N Gos"... hopefully people realize what a jewel this place is and turn it around.

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Great post Evergrey! (by the way this could go in the Pittsburgh forum, anything metro 7 county ;) )

I have always loved the Steel Valley/Mon Valley down there Donora, Monessen, Mon City, Charleroi, Belle Vernon, Cali.

If I remember correctly Michael Moorer was from there (or nearby Monessen) and Demi Moore spent her HS years in Charleroi as well as that lovely fitness queen Natalie Raitano (sp).

That whole valley is in my mind the most overlooked treasure in the country, from the Southside down to Fairmont WV (with Charleroi commanding a central role) almost every national and global event had a few of their key players from that valley. Gen. Marshall to Mary Lou Retton to Stan Musial to Demi Moore and Jeff Goldblum. Swin Cash, Joe Montana the Griffey's Jr. and Sr., Gov. (and first Homeland Sec. chief) Tom Ridge, Don Knotts, man I could go on forever.

I know that is a bit macro for just Charleroi but more people should realize that we have something better then Silicon Valley with Palo Alto, San Jose, etc. etc. we make great leaders and innovators instead of computer chips and Charleroi is at the heart of it.

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