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248 Williams St SW Development


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Moch is looking to get approval for another residential project on the Southwest side of downtown. It would be a 4 story 50 apartment complex on Williams right near the new strip club that is planned for the old Sennett Steel building:


The strip club owner is objecting to the apartment complex.

Here's a map of the area:


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I dont think this will get approved, for much the same reason being argued in the article, unless the city wants to scuttle the Strip club, even if it has to give into moch to do it.

I think with the city thinking about selling the land on the river, they're kicking themselves for allowing the strip club. The strip club is already approved, so I don't think they can change that now.

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I was thinking the same thing Urbanist :P What a pair.

Are you guys sure that Azzar owns that depot property? I dont really have time to look it up but based on the brokers sign on the building.... its not GW Dehaan, and I think I remember Steve Dehaan saying he handles Azzars props. Less than a year ago it showed another fella owned it (I believe a latin american gent). Also, the property Moch wants to build on was a split off the depot property. Whats left of the depot property is still pretty large (over an acre), knocking on wood Moch is approved and it spurs some interest on the depot.....

Speaking of spurs... what a cool new railroad depot it would be.

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Parking on first floor, 3 floors residential above (similar to Icon's parking), based on this "rendering" :huh:

Oh boy, more excellent ground-floor activity in the form of car storage from Moch. <_< I suppose I should wait for a rendering before I complain too much though...

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Well, but hey, it looks like he's got a bunch of trees around the wall this time. You're right, I'll wait too. He picked an interesting spot for the entrance. I can't think of what's across the street to the North? Custer Office Furniture or that manufacturer behind them? (Tech Group?)

edit: never mind, I just looked at the map I did earlier in this thread :wacko:

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