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Tampa Trip or St Pete Times?


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I think you mean the Tampa Trib not Trip. :)

For me, I'll take The Times anyday. It's one of the newspapers I read daily online. Several of my friends call it the BNITS (the best newspaper in the state.) Their state coverage is excellent. The Trib. is way too conservative for my taste.

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The Times!! I think it is extremely wise for them to diminish the St. Pete name in the Tampa area because I think it helps them grow in the new suburbs north and east of downtown Tampa.

I agree that that the Times Web site is superior and I too enjoy reading that paper everyday. I don't dislike the Trib. I personally think it is great our region has two newspapers.

Imagine if the Trib bought the rights from Devil Rays to name the stadium. The Tampa Tribune Dome in St. Petersburg..lol.

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