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Bio-Diesel Plant seeks to build in Humboldt

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Mean Green Biodiesel of Tennessee is expressed its desire to set up a bio-diesel facility in the Gibson County Industrial Park that would add up to 140 jobs that is believed will pay between 30-80K. The plant would produce 31.7 million gallons of fuel and generate 92 million in sales. The company looked at sites in Weakley County, Jackson (Madison), and Memphis as well. Gibson's County's 8.1 unemployment rate played a factor in the company choosing the county the company stated.

The Biodiesel process produces a by-product glycerin, which it is hoped will attract research/development firms/industries to Gibson Co. and/or the region to research and untilize the material for vitamins, medicines, etc.

So more good economic news for West Tennessee and Tennessee on the whole!

Link to Jackson Sun Article:


This plant along with the ethanol production facility (and related CO2 by-product plant) in the town of Obion (Obion County) about to get underway will/could put West Tennessee on the way to becoming a leading alternative fuel region. Now that won't make the region unique, as other agricultural regions are developing and pursuing this type of development as well, but hopefully we will be end up and stay more on the leading edge of this movement than those who will follow.

We definately grow enough corn and soybeans to run these facilities, and these plants mean more outlets with higher guaranteed prices for local farmers! So folks employed in both agriculture and industry will see great benefits from this! :yahoo:

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This is great news both for West Tennessee and our nation. Biodeisel and ethanol are both fuels which we can use today without any additional infrastructure investment or additional research. With the recent rise in the cost of crude, both of these fuels are economically viable and both fuels are cleaner burning than either gasoline or deisel. Put on top of that the fact that increased use of these fuels will help American farmers, reduce our reliance on foreign (middle eastern) oil and increase our national security, and we have a no-brainer. Why on earth is the federal government pushing the hell out of these alternative fuels?

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On the subject of biodiesel, here is an article that may be of interest. I know this is in Arkansas, but Eastman Chemical is located in Kingsport. I think they will move into this industry a lot more. A big plus for the state in the long run, I hope.


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I burn nothing but 10%ethanol/90% gasoline in my car. It's 89 octane and 10 cents a gallon cheaper than 87 octane regular unleaded. Most all Minnesota stations carry it, and in Iowa it's the law that stations have it.

I've also heard reports that producing one gallon of ethanol burns more petroleum than the one gallon of gasoline it replaces. All those tractors in the corn fields use diesel and the corn requires tons of petroleum based fertilizer. Additionally, the processing plants use a large amount of petroleum.

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