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Cityhood in South Fulton?


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With the recent incorporation of Sandy Springs and all of the recently proposed incorporations in North Fulton, incorporation and/or annexation is beginning to seem like more and more of a solution to South Fulton residents.

See AJC Article

It certainly is a situation that needs to be dealt with, but the question is, how? This idea seems like a good one to me, but wioll they be able to pull it off without screwing it up?

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Such is the dilema......

To go with Atlanta....


1) services readily available

2) structure in place

3) great mayor

4) established tax base


1) lackluster school system

2) will lose control over an area that already has an identity

3) loss of controlled zoning abilities

4) potentially higher taxes

To form their own city:


1) local control of zoning

2) great growth potential

3) less services needed immediately so taxes can increase gradually as services warrant

4) ease of branding the community with a positive identity

5) will not be under the Atlanta public school system


1) will have to set up new government

2) will have to come up with money for parks, recreation and public safety

3) will box in many smaller cities who may want to expand in the future

To me, those are the only two options. The other locations don't have the cachet of a newly formed city or the city of Atlanta. Of course it would be nice to add 100-200,000 people to the population count of the city of Atlanta and southern Fulton county is growing quite fast, especially in it's affluent northwestern part. You have growing retail and office with CampCreek Marketplace. You have South Fulton Parkway which could anchor the northern section with the southern section for government facilities. There have been a string of very influential politicians to come from the area. I feel that since John's Creek and Milton will happen in a matter of time, why wait.

If I'm not mistaken, this city would have more populace than Sandy Springs.

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