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Should we create a Seattle Section


Should we create a Seattle Section  

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  1. 1. Should we create a Seattle Section?

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I would seem there is a bit more activity here. Would it help to have a Seattle section? Any other ideas on what we could do here to serve Washington state?

In the Northeast regions cities such as Boston, Hartford and Providence have there own sites. Constuction, neighborhoods, politics, sports, dining, etc are discussed. I would think the same level of discussion could be reached concerning Seattle.

That being said I am meeting friends at "Dexter and Hines" restaurant/bar?" in two weeks. Hopefully the rain will stop by then. Any feedback on this place? Is the food any good? Good area of town? Also, best place for chowder will be appreciated. I always bring a few lobsters with me when I travel to the west coast for trade at restaurants for dinner.


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I don't see a need yet for a Seattle forum. But I will see if I can generate a little traffic maybe to warrant one. Seattle is by far one of the most world class cities in the United States. If we can we should see about growing it's representation.

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