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Springwood and Richland Cemeteries


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I took a drive out through the Springwood Cemetery this afternoon in an attempt to get some rather unusual views of the towers on the North End of the Central Business District, betwen East Elford Street and Beattie Place. I'll try to ration some of these photos out over the coming days for the PotD thread (if there are no other posts).

While driving through the cemetery, I began to recall a Master Plan that had been put together by some Clemson University Students. I've taken some time to look through this plan this evening. Has anybody else taken a look through this?

If so, what are your opinions?

I personally found Springwood Cemetery fascinating. The lots within are predominantly from a period well before most of us were thought of, so there aren't a great number of visitors to the cemetery these days for anything other than the historic significance of it or the views of the skyline. So, the maintenance and care of this facility really becomes a legacy to us all. It's a piece of history about which I'd be interested in learning more. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So, I stopped off at the caretaker's office to get a map out of the mailbox which was marked, "MAPS," but there were none. I also noticed a small sign at the exit onto Church Street that provided a phone number for anyone interested in becoming a "Friend of" Springwood Cemetery.

Someone (I believe NYT) mentioned in another thread something about tours being given of the cemetery. I think the opportunity to take one would be well worthwhile. Someone else suggested some halloween-time fund-raising candlelight tours. I think this may be an excellent idea as well.

What other ideas are there out there?

Please share!





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I totally agree about the history and legacy of cemetaries. I've always thought older cemetaries were a great opportunity to connect with a cities past. You can tell by the names and dates, who the founding fathers were, who controlled the money, and the early industries of a city, among other things.

There is a headstone in a cemetary in Georgetown, SC and it states the lady was born in Plymouth, New England, not Plymouth, Mass. Born before we were a nation. I love this stuff!

I'll read this master plan and I'm sure have some thoughts. I do think the candlelight tour is a great idea! Went on one of these in Charleston....excellent! :)

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You know, I think there may be something to any ghost stories that would emanate from the Springwood Cemetery. I took this photo tonight (er, uh, Tuesday Night). There's some odd stuff floating across the image here:


I swear. There were no cars, no birds, no people, etc. ... absolutely nothing but me and my camera and the building in front of me. Incidentally, this photo was taken from the site of the Pinnacle on Main, too. Enjoy this view while it lasts.

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