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First Time Uptown


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Well, today I took my first real trip uptown. We were in town shopping at South Park and Concord Mills. so it was a nice change of scenery. I've rode down Tryon before on my way back from Columbia, but never really explored the place. I live in Lexington, and Charlotte was really something new for me. Anyway here are a few pics I took.

It was cold. So after I circled town a while I decided to try a trolley ride. I found myself in Southend by the Arlington( I think thats the name). There was a large group of people waiting also, and when the trolley showed up, it was a little crowed. I wasen't in the mood to stand up so bypass.


Some Skyline shots and stuff....





And last the BOA Building


Well thats it, the pics are a little crooked and are little grainy as I had a cheap camera> The last few pics were also taken from the car.

O and whats up with the roads. Way to narrow expecially off tryon towards harris teeter. The other travel lanes just turn's into parking. Guess it's not the kind of driving I'm use to.

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