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Proposed skyscrapers


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Some of these are likely to get built but there are a lot of concepts here too. Taken from a boom thread I created but can't post on this forum since it contains as many links to skyscrapercity as there are towers.

My favourite, Sun Tower by SOM:

dubaisuntower11od2lu.th.jpg dubaisuntower25ai6oa.th.jpg dubaisuntower38ip3du.th.jpg



046sh.th.jpg fortuneflowers7qj9ys.th.jpg e43dg.th.jpg


3407wz.th.jpg infinity5ve.th.jpg petronasthingy0pf.th.jpg

new15bg.th.jpg new27tq.th.jpg e22yu.th.jpg



070ug.jpg 12345nightfcopy7zi.th.jpg dsc019896je.th.jpg

gwgwg8hj.th.jpg image116em.th.jpg image467nb.th.jpg

p10007960on.th.jpg p10008019rm.th.jpg p10008042xz.th.jpg

tower64nz.th.jpg sdgsds8tt.th.jpg wefgwe2vo.th.jpg

e37wq.th.jpg e88ty.th.jpg


017ho.jpg 031vj.jpg 1580ho.th.jpg

058ex.jpg 068ek.jpg al20ghurair20office20tower3tu9.th.jpg

almutawaa6tf0id.th.jpg bildaspx3xo.th.jpg c156wq.th.jpg

c8copy7lr.th.jpg dbdb1ow.th.jpg dubaimain3bu.th.jpg

f502909f4c2cm.jpg fwfwf0fy.jpg image13jt.th.jpg

j9vd.th.jpg lastpresn10vg.jpg proposal2zi.jpg

proposal1nightview8nz.th.jpg proposal2nightview9tl.th.jpg safafaf9dn.jpg

wefwefw9mo.th.jpg v145dn.th.jpg wefwefwf3eu.jpg

wefwfw1lp.th.jpg wrewwe1cy.jpg yehiasulaimans2dn.jpg

e10pu.th.jpg e54ut.th.jpg e66jn.th.jpg



081gj.th.jpg 040902dubai2gd.th.jpg aktuell04bild3gr7hw.th.jpg

camaerial8001uu.th.jpg dubai20marinaimage8og3hm.th.jpg dubaitower7ws.th.jpg

ewfw3ud.th.jpg fortunepavilion5nk.jpg kmprop17nk.jpg

p1resize2yr.th.jpg sgsg9va.th.jpg wfwefwef8ji.jpg

jumeirahroyalfalcon1fi.th.jpg palmpalace5ob.th.jpg new32zr.th.jpg

new46xb.th.jpg new59qo.th.jpg e77iw.th.jpg

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Malec you've done a great job posting pics over here, a big thanks to you. The architecture that's going on over there is just simply amazing. The very sleek modern look like the first 'slanting' building over to the ones with the crescent moons using icons embedded in the islamic culture. Very interesting.

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Some proposals randomly found on the net on Xmas day :cool:

A lot of midrises here

Al Maktuom, 16F


Palm Grove Residences


Dubai Apartments


Saeed Condominiums, 13F


Silicon Oasis Towers


Victoria Loft Apartments


Al Qusais Residences


Al Ghurair Lake Residential Tower, 35F


The Mediterraneana, 13F


Here's a new proposal from the Atkins crowd (the same that did the burj al arab)

It's 12F and it's for the palm jebel ali (the 2nd one)


And now finally for da real shtuff :cool:

Some res tower on SZR, looks tall



An office tower, in the marina? I thought marina was all res? :weird:


On the inside


If anyone can read Italian here's an article with these:


The source website


Real alien towers :hahaha:

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^^ It's commercial. I'm just saying it's weird because the marina is commercial. Doubt this'll go through. Hope it does though because I love it.

I have some more proposals btw. They all look similar to towers already being built (they do look nice though) so am not sure if they've been seen yet. Will post them later when I find out exactly which one are new.

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