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SuperSonics Want Taxpayers to Upgrade Key Arena


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The Seattle SuperSonics want the taxpayers of Washington to pay over $200 million to renovate Key Arena (located at the Seattle Center). This arena was last renovated in 1994, only 11 years ago. Predictably, the team has suggested they might leave Seattle when their 2010 lease expires if they don't get their way.


The Sonics also said that if and when they do go back to Olympia, they likely will be seeking in excess of $200 million.

The team asked for $200 million at last year

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Sonics have the 2nd worst arena arrangement in the NBA. Some of us predicted this 10 years ago when the team signed the lease and the city didn't go the full mile in the renovation that this would come up again in the near future like it is now. The city is stupid if it doesn't reach an agreement with the Sonics.

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Nope. The NBA has a salary cap and the Sonics like 95% of the other teams in the league are up against their salary wall. Also the contracts of the higher price Sonics players are already near the league maximum so even if the players wanted more, there isn't much more they could get. The new arena or renovation isn't needed because they need more $ for players, a new arena or renovation is needed because they messed up 10 years ago when they should have got it right in the first place. Anyone who is familiar with govt. in this state knows that this is the typical way things happen here.

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