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Anacostia redevelopment plans....


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From the Washington Post..


Why can't they go ahead with this without the ridiculously expensive stadium? If the ball team owners want a stadium, let them build one without tax money. Still, it is good to see prospects for the revival of Anacostia.

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District Is One Signature Away From 200 Acres of New Land

Congress sent legislation to President Bush yesterday giving the District roughly 200 acres of federal land, much of it valuable waterfront property that is key to the city's plans to transform areas bordering both sides of the Anacostia River.

The biggest parcel is Poplar Point, a 100-acre site on the eastern side of the Anacostia that is intended as the location of a stadium for the D.C. United soccer team. Also transferred to city control would be Reservation 13, a 66-acre site on the western edge of the river that houses the former D.C. General Hospital campus and is slated for mixed-use development and health-related facilities.

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