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Best cell phone service for Conway


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What is the best cell phone service for Conway and why? Does being close to LR affect anything regarding plans, calling areas, roaming, etc... I live in a major city now so I've always had access to good service and coverage area. Will this be different in a smaller town like Conway. The city I live in now is the biggest for 120 miles around.

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I use Sprint, and it works great all over Conway. Alltel also is a good choice for Conway...Alltel has the best coverage in the state. Starting Thurs, Verizon is offering service in Little Rock. They won't have towers in Conway until next year, but if you have their national plan...which most people do, then you have the same coverage as alltel, since they are verizon's roaming partner. Sprint also uses alltel towers outside of its network. I would not recommend Cingular to anyone, anywhere...their network and call quality are horrible. Since you probably want to use a service that you can use for data uses and so forth, you probably want a cmpany with its on netowrk in place in Conway. I think you should go with Sprint or Alltel. They both have good plans and would provide you excellent coverage anywhere in Arkansas. As far as the calling plans, they would be the same in Conway as Little Rock, even if you were to go with a local plan, which covers the whole state. If you go with Alltel, their network covers the whole state. If you go with Sprint and you think you will travel outside of Sprint's coverage area, then go ahead and get the $5/mo. free roaming, then you will be able to talk anywhere, not only in AR, but nationwide without roaming charges.

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