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Sunny Mountain Skidome


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Developers will spend approximately 1 billion AED on 'Dubai Sunny Mountain Skidome' to bring the Arctic winter experience to Dubailand.

A huge ski dome, the World's Largest, shall arise on the skyline of Dubai's mega tourism development and will open to the skiing public in 2006. The development will be called Dubai Sunny Mountain Skidome.

He said the time was taken up by exhaustive market research and feasibility studies. 'We have examined the buoyant economy of the UAE and we focused on the positive outlook for both business and tourism demand within Dubai, which is reflected in its economic indicators and hotel guest statistics.

Dubai Sunny Mountain Skidome will be the first of its kind in the Middle East, and will provide a real and complete winter experience that touches all senses, providing a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

The project consists of a dome

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I'm curious to see how all this technology will work. Sounds amazing. I imagine they'll have to use some special glass to keep the sun from creating a 'greenhouse' and making it too warm for the snow.


They are also going to use the runoff water used to cool the place for landscaping purposes.

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The dome thing is still inefficient though because if sunlight is getting in, then that means heat will get in via electromagnetic radiation (since that's what light is)

Have they come up with anything yet?

Like Mith said, I wonder if a special kind of glass could be made or something.

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