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The Villa (no not one, a whole load)

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Just a residential development withing Dubailand, like the arabian ranches. This project is actually called "the villa". Imagine the confusion :D

Imaginary conversation:

A: Hi, do you want to come over tomorrow?

B: Yeah, sure! Where do you live though.

A: In the villa

B: Which villa?

A: The villa in dubailand

B: But which villa, there are loads in dubailand.

A: No, the villa. I live in a villa in the villa. Haven't you ever heard of the villa before? It's right next to those villas in the city of arabia.

B: So you want me to... oh yeah, I get it now. You mean you have a villa in the villa? So when do you want me to drive down to your villa. I actually don't know which villa in the villa is your villa. I hope all the villas in the villas don't look the same because among all the other villas it'll be really hard to find your villa in the villa.

etc... :D

Lots more pics on the website.

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Hmmm. your picture doesn't seem to want to open.

I have seen this masterplan before. It does look like it is being coordinated greatly, I think the entire Dubailand Development is up to 3 Billion Square Feet.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that Dubailand is going to have it's own airport... It's just right of the Sand Dune Hotel.

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