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Winters Night in the Music City Part 1


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Merry Christmas to all from the Davis family. This is my tribute to nightlife on the streets of downtown Nashville. the city is one thing in the day, but at night it shows off another side. I secret more....deep side about it. The winter time is the best time to see this side (for whatever reason). Photogenic, yeah....Nashville, 100%.

The best pics and a surprise from last night at the end. Quite possibly my best pic yet. Please have a safe and happy holidays.






Elvis looks best in black and white.






Love it or hate it, it is still the icon of the city. But for how much longer???


GO TO PART 2----------------------------->

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Lexy, your photography never fails to impress me when I venture into this part of the forum. I like the subject matter too. Thanks!

I agree, Lexy my man. It seems each group of pics you post seem to be even better than the last! You know practice makes better, and Lord knows you seem to be practicing more all the time. Please keep them coming.

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