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Winters Night in the Music City part 2


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Wow, I guess I can see the resemblance. Do you hang out downtown alot? I have not been down there in such a while. Is the reteraunt you were at downtown? I can't wait to come home and see all of the new construction. So was that a self portrait or di someone take it for you?

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I am stationed in Virginia Beach now. I am no longer in Cuba. I will be coming home on the 20th with my son so he can see his grandparents. He is five so I think that he will enjoy the christmas lights downtown, if there are any and ofcourse the Opryland Hotel. He really likes Nashville anf ofcourse when we come home he is amazed by the "Batman" building. He doesn't see many highrises here in Va Beach and the first three years of his life I was in Italy so I guess you can say his first encounter with skyscrapers is Nashville. I'm sure he will be in awe of the new buildings going up. I have already shown him renderings from the Signature sight and he thinks it's neat. I hope I have a future architect in the making!

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