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Next man on Moon, Why 16 years this time?

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The solution is to raise taxes on the wealthy. I don't see that happening.

I could see it happening, just not while Bush is in office.

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Well, if you want to see this done in 15 years, you need to support tax reform that includes raising the marginal tax bracket to pay for it. Its called fiscal responsibility. If you don't mind seeing us go to Mars, or you don't like the idea of it hitting your wallet if you are wealthy - we should not go to Mars.

Decisions have to be made.

Americans nowadays are like a bunch of babies. "I want my candy, but I don't want to pay for it."

Personally, I'd like to see us go to Mars myself. Much good could come from it, especially the technological innovation. People in general don't understand how much technology we get from NASA. Half the products we use in some form or another have come from what we learned years ago, like Microwaves, and even that funky mattress called Tempurpedic that relieves back pain. ;)

BUT, I'd like to see us have universal healthcare first.

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