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Budget axe falls again.


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Detroit Historical Museum to close.

By the time Kwame is finished there won't be anything left. First the aquarium and now the Historical Museum... gone! All the amenities that make a city worth living in are falling by the wayside while Kwame maintains his "Fat Cat" life style! I'm not familiar with the figures but it seems to me he could save more than $475,000 by closing and/or selling that mansion him and his family live in. Don't even get me started on the cost of his security detail!

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Like Hendrix wouldn't have eventually done the same thing? The DHM isn't critical service. I highly highly doubt the museum will close they'll just transfer operations like they did with DIA and will soon with the Zoo

As for the manison much of the upkeep cost is privately funded through the Manoogian Society


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WTF? Is this just terrible reporting? Either way, something's will HAVE to give unless Detroiter's don't care about the quality of the most basic city services. As incredibly sad and painful as it is, the mayor could easily sit back, fiddle as the city dies, and act as if nothing bad is going on and run the city like it still has over 1,000,000 people. That would make things much more painful and sad down the road. The longer the city tries to hold off the inevitable, the harder it will be even a year down the road.

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