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Asheville Buildings and Streetscapes (pt IV)


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:) Nice photos again!

Scottish Rite Cathedral is a "Masonic Temple", which most cities have today. They once had great architectural masterpieces in most major cities. Charlotte and Winston-Salem had Masonic temples in their downtowns at one time. This is one of the few that still stands. It's the work of Smith and Carrier, if I'm not mistaken. I know the front is from 1913, but I think the back part is older? I want to say it's from the 1880's. I would have to look it up sometime. It's among the oldest standing structures in downtown.

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If you stand in the parking lot next to the Masonic Temple and look at the building, you can see where there used to be a building standing where the parking lot is now. How? There's a little indentation in the side of the Temple with windows opening up on it. It obviously was once an air shaft. Kinda groovy.

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