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Glendale SC a place for upcoming changes!


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I've lived in Glendale as long as I can remember. And every year it's died a little more, most drasticly when the mill burned down about two years ago. Just recently my church went under due to lack of members and funds, Glendale United Methodist Church. It's a very historical building built as a church in 1850. It was used as a community center before that. Now, it's up for development.

Not too long ago the same organization who set up development for the old gilbert's shoe store downtown aquired the church. Now it's planning time. A lot of plans were discussed last sunday, including a community center, and an outdoor center (because of kyakers on lawson's fork creek) as possible developments for the church.

The owners and developers of the glendale mill property unveiled their (tentative) plans for the mill area. they plan to rebuild the mill as it would hvae looked and make it into luxury condos. they also plan to make the extra land behind the mill a retreat center for older people I believe it was. This is a promising plan, because if it goes through as expected, it would make glendale a historic village and only the second one in spartanburg. glendale certainly deserves it! it would allow lots of people in glendale the funds to repair and restore their homes and the neighborhood, and the value of homes in this area would go up.

Anyways, that's a realistic future view of glendale. most people in spartanburg don't realize the historical value of this mill village, but it deserves some care while there's still time (it became too late for the mill)

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Yeah, Glendale is an unfortuante thing. I remember watching the mill burn a couple years a go- as I just happened to be home that weekend. I live several miles from the village, but I could still see the flames from my house. We actually have a thread about that, located here.

I have heard rumors that the developer still had plans to rebulid, and I am glad to know that he has made his plans public. I hope this will be in the paper tomorrow, as this is am importnat issue to me. Glendale has so much history, and is such a neat place.

If Glendale could get its act together it could create a better 'downtown' around the post office and near where the new mill will go. Taking up some of the asphalt in exchenge for some buildings woudl be helpfull. A potentially major attraction is to have a restaurant overlooking the shoals. This is very exciting news. I would really like to see those old shops on Emma Cudd Rd near the old bridge rehabilitated. What a cool place for some shops or apartments on top.

I would like to see Glendale persue createing a historic district in and around the village so that its character can be preserved. Before the mill burned it was probably one of the best preserved mill villages out there.

Please keep us updated and informed on the happenings in Glendale!

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i was in germany when it burned, but my mom called me (it was 9am there) crying. our house is directly in front of the mill property, and she was the first one to see and hear it.

I would too like to see something become of those old shops on emma cudd. not really sure what to put there, but there needs to be something a little better put up and some involvement in order to get things going. If things can get going with the Glendale UMC builing then that will get dollars moving and working and hopefully investors moving. I will keep things updated as I learn about it

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