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Charlotte's Best Restaurants

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Charlotte Magazine has named its 15 Best Restaurnts for Charlotte in the December 2005 issue. The restaurants are [all non-chain restaurants, of course] as follows:






Carpe Diem



McNinch House


Restaurant i

Sonoma Modern American




mostly moderately-upscale to upscale restaurants.. What are your opinions? What should have made the list...

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^I guess Charlotte magazine was being pretty selective

Here's how the Observer rated them out of 4 stars if anyone's curious (with a link to its review if given). Toscana and Copper had no reviews at all (yet)... and many of them have not been reviewed but been given short descriptions. For the record, Zebra is the only one that's recieved 4 stars.

Aquavina 2.5

Arpa 3

Barrington's N/A

Blue 3.5

Bonterra N/A

Carpe Diem 3

Copper N/A

Luce 3.5

McNinch House N/A

Nobles N/A

Restaurant i 3.5

Sonoma Modern American N/A

Toscana N/A

Upstream N/A

Zebra 4

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