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More Tuscaloosa photos


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Not big, not fast-growing, not urban, not touristy, but a comfortable place to call home nonetheless ...

Photos I found online, some of which are pretty new :


A home in the "nice part of town" :


"The Station" is a new bar downtown in the old train station building:


Downtown Northport (main suburb since the 1820s) includes little "rural" type shops, including the Northport 5 & 10, which has been around in some form since 1853 at the present location :


Northport's annual Kentuck Festival (folk art), held every October :



University of Alabama:






I don't know WTF this thing is supposed to be :






Contruction photo, Shelby Hall science building :


In a crummy courtyard in downtown Tuscaloosa:


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Thanks, guys !

The university has several weird outdoor sculptures.

Unfortunately, there was an article just today about a $15,000 sculpture

being vandalized beyond recognition. My guess is drunk students.

Raleigh-NC, unfortunately I don't have a digital camera.

My brother does, but he's knee-deep in work.

Here's a pic he took last year :


Unfortunately, my free image host doesn't work right

about 90% of the time. There's a small number of nice old neighborhoods

bordering the university and downtown that I'd like to take some photos of

at some point.

monsoon, the Mercedes plant is in Tuscaloosa County. Technically,

it's in the Town of Vance (pop. 500 or so, with Town Hall in a doublewide trailer), but is served by the Tuscaloosa City water & sewer.

The expansion will be complete by the end of the year. There are 2,300 employees now, and will be 4,000 once the plant is at full capacity.

The site was the runner-up for Saturn, before being chosen for Mercedes.

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Nice pics. That arch-looking figure wasn't there when I was a student.

For those unfamiliar with the UA campus, the two photos just above the last one are of buildings in the old military barracks area. The university was a military school from 1860 to 1903.

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I grew up in T-Town. As a kid, all I could think was 'How fast can I get out of this burg?'...but Tuscaloosa is one of those places that once you move away, you realize it has a lot more going on for it than most towns its size.

It's a shame to hear that one of the sculptures on campus was vandalized. Some of them I just "didn't get." (There was one near Clark Hall that was an open metal box with bars on top and filled with fake skulls...unusual to say the least.) But they make the walk around campus even better.

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