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Signature Tower Financing Approved


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I been in Nashville since 1999, I have to say that this city is making great strides. All these projects going on is very exciting. I love driving on church street and watchin the viridian go up. Its fun to live in a city thats growing everyday. I have also noticed the cranes going up for the suntrust plaza. I hope Mr. Palmer gets his project in the air soon. I hope doorman poet runs for mayor.

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This is geat news. Every hurdle fir this project is seemingly being cleared with little effort! It's beginning to look like this project WILL become a reality. With the momentum that is growing for downtown living that exists now, I expect Tony will have little trouble selling the needed unit to be secure the bank financing he needs. It's going to awesome watching this thing grow during '07 and '08! I really believe that this project makes a statement that Nashville is becoming one of America's next great cities.

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