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Dubai Marina


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Like the Jumeirah Lake towers, this is another masterplanned community of towers but it's by Emaar and contains a bit less than 200. This is the first out of the two and there are many towers nearing completion now. Also jumeirah beach residence is in this project.

Here we go:

A few visions of what it'll look like in the future :D

Again will take too long to post details of each tower. If everyone helps, maybe.

new36ye.th.jpg marinaarea1pc.th.jpg

10008751fc.th.jpg marinapierslocmap7ys.th.jpg origsorted8yx.th.gif

new26xr.th.jpg new46en.th.jpg new69qg.th.jpg

new76ra.th.jpg new80hx.th.jpg new16dx.th.jpg

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Here's some more completed towers in the Dubai Marina.

The first tower is the Fairooz Tower which is 23 Floors and around 98 Metres. It's strictly Residential:


The next is the Al Mass Tower which is 31 Floors and 138 Metres. It's also Residential:


The Al Yass Tower, which is 27 Floors and 124 Metres and Residential as well:


The Last Tower is the Anbar Tower, which is residential and 19 Floors:


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Here's another tower development in the Marina, Park Island.

Park Island will consist of four Residential Towers, The Bonaire Tower (28 Floors), The Fairfield Tower (28 Floors), Blakely Tower (24 Floors), and Sanibel Tower (24 Floors).

Park Island will also have numerous landscaped areas and water features, three parks, plentiful parking, swimming pool, squash courts, a health club, gymnasium, games room, business centre, four guest bedrooms, and four car parking levels for tenants and visitors.

It should be complete by 2007.


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