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Burj Views


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Another great Residential Tower project in Dubai. The Burj Views will be 3 40 or so Floor Buildings next to the commercial district on Sheikh Zayed Road and the Burj Dubai Development.

Located within the peaceful serenity of the Burj Dubai district and surrounded by lakes and landscaped gardens, Burj Views will add a distinct flavour to the retail and residential development.

The project will be flanked by the Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping and entertainment complex; the exquisite Boulevard; The Residences' exclusive up-market apartments; and the stylish antiquity of The Old Town.

The one and two bedroom Burj Views residences range from 726 sq ft to 1,400 sq ft and offer a unique combination of amenities and unprecedented value.

Construction should be completed by early 2008.


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Are alot of Developers in Dubai rushing their projects in order to get them proposed and approved?

In a way Yes. A lot of developers are competing for Residents to come live in their projects. I don't think it's the case for all of Dubai, but some investors are trying to get these projects pushed because of other great projects nearby. Also, the design could be like this because the investors decided to cheap out :D .

It adds Building Diveristy to Dubai.

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Hey mcheiss I'm just wondering. Where do you get all of these construction pics from? Because your doing a great job of keeping us updated on the status of the projects, and the pictures really help.

I search around on the internet, and look at sites like Gowealthy.com, and AME Info.

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