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Hollywood hits are going to be made in Dubai

Two Hollywood executives have announced plans to set up a cutting-edge $200 million (Dh735.6 million) film studio in Dubai. The big screen executives hope blockbusters will regularly be filmed in Dubai following the opening of Mirage Studios.

Visual effects specialists Michelle and Carl Nickelson also want to remake the television series The Saint in Dubai.The father-and-daughter pair worked at California-based Manex Entertainment, which won two Oscars for visual effects in films What Dreams May Come and The Matrix.

The company also created effects for Hollywood hits such as American Beauty, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Bless the Child and Michelle have now formed Nickelson Entertainment Group (NEG), which wants to build a 170-acre studio in Dubailand where big-budget movies would be made.

The company has secured $200 million of backing from UAE and United States-based investors to set up the studio, which will initially be a visual effects centre before branching out into film production.

Dubai's film-friendly landscape and modest wages compared to the United States attracted the firm to the UAE. As many as 600 people could work at the 170-acre studio once it is up and running.

This could make Dubai the new Hollywood of the Mid-East.

Construction for the studio which would have the world's largest sound stage at 100,000 square feet, is set to start in March next year and will take up to a year and a half.

This should be another great Dubailand project.

More updates soon.

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