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Mayor John Marks is Incredible!


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Yes. This is his first term... and I can say with a degree of certainty, if he chooses to run again, he will be elected again. Unless Scott Maddox chooses to challenge him. LOL!

Marks has proven to me that he can walk the walk. He had my support the first time, and he'll have my support again.

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I voted for him the first time and I'll vote for him again too.

I like all on the City Commission. Somtimes "Smoking Lightsey" can be a wild card, but all in all I like her. Mustain will have to prove himself to me again after his NO vote on Turbocor, not matter what his reasons were for the nah vote. I was also a little ticked off at Katz after he came out all ugly about the City Manager Anita Favors-(can't remember the new name.) after the coal vote. But then he humbly and publicly apologized to her and all was forgiven by me.

Now that dang County Commision..........OFF W/THEIR HEADS!

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LOL... this forum is getting better by the post.

I absoluely adore Ms. Favors (Now Favors-Thompson). She is a dream for a city manager, and she has put together an excellent team up there at city hall.

Lightsey is the woman. No matter what she does... and she's done somethings over the years that I haven't always agreed with, she does it with passion and conviction.

I also question Mustian for his "No" vote... doesn't he sit on the board at Innovation Park?! WTF! A city commissioner and an Innovation Park member voting no?

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