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There is an old Vendomatic laundry building, across from Chelo's on Silver Spring Ave in the north end. It is no longer in use, run down, and has broken windows. I figured it to be just another abanded building in Providence that is still waiting for the renaissance to reach it. However, the other day I drove by it and a big bay door was open. Inside was a collection of vehicles, some pretty nice one's, too. A couple guys were parked out front and talking. Next to this building is a used car dealer, but he sells nothing as nice as these cars.

Any ideas? I have a few suspicious thoughts, but I've probably been watching too many crime dramas :P

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I've certainly heard of wealthy folks buying cheap, old industrial buildings on the outskirts of areas to store their cars in. It's much, much cheaper than building an ugly 5 or 6 car garage on the estate, no? I think the building where the car wash is in Hope Village on 4th street was previously used by some developer for that purpose.

I don't know about you, though, but if I ever conceivably had that kind of money, I'd be scared to death of sticking cars like that in the middle of nowhere. Talk about a challenge to thieves, and who would ever see them breaking in at 3 AM?

- Garris

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