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ALL Current Proposed or Under Construction Downtown Buildings.


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Taurean J and other can you guys help me out to compile a list of every proposed or under construction downtown development, and the status of it?

IT would be good so we can check this thread to see whats going on with them

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your impatience is an annoyance DT... this is a hobby to us, not a way to provide your un-resourceful internet browsing with a location of intrest :thumbsup:

I find your sarcasm to be an annoyance...

Remember back when comments like this caused an uproar on this board, if were going to be on people for behavior, lets be on everyone, including the moderator and yourself.

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Thanks for backing me up go gators, I am eager to see projects completed, and I may be a little impatient, but I will just wait like the rest of us.

Taurean and csmurphy when they double teamed me a few posts back was rude, and it did make me feel bad, but hopefully they will be able to be respectful in the future.

I am not gonna keep posting when will these projects be done, because its obvious nobody knows, Im just enthusiastic. So, ill scale it back some and enjoy the news as it breaks,

And I hope Taurean and Csmurphy can respect others in the future.

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I agree that we should let this die. It is never my intent to bash or "double team" anyone. If I recall correctly, TDowntown, I said you meant well. If you took offense to that I'm sorry.

I'll let CSMurphy speak for himself on anything else. I would prefer we all kept our negative comments to a minimum or atleast take advantage of the PM option to alert which ever member of their wrongs so that we not disturb the others not involved with the off topic comments.

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