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I want to say hello to everyone here and also to let you know I have been made moderator for the DC forum. I am quite excited about this new opportunity and look forward to talking with each of you here. I would really like for this thread to become more active so feel free to say hello and also invite a friend.

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Occasionally I will refer to articles that are located elsewhere (Washington Post or Baltimore Sun) which may require for you to register to view. The best and easiest way I think to aide in doing so is to go to www.bugmenot.com and obtain registration information.

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Ideas and Thoughts for the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Metro Forum?

As the new Moderator for the Washington, D.C./Baltimore Metro Area forum, I'd like everyone's ideas for what could make this forum a better place for all of us. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas here. I'm just getting the hang of the moderation thing, so please be patient with my learning curve. I'd also like to explore ways in which we could get the forum to grow, so if you know of good candidates for membership here, go ahead and invite them to join. I look forward to everyone's ideas.

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hey--- most of you probably know me or saw my name. I thought I would get involved in the forum, I was applying to graduate programs and finally decided on a school in Maryland. I will be moving into the Residences at Congressional Village at the end of May and will be working in D.C. and attending McDaniel in Westminster. So thats my introduction and I will help try to contribute to this forum.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Kenneth and I will be moving to Washington in March of 2011. I have lived in Atlanta all of my life, so this will be a change for me living up on the Northeast Coast. I have been very active in the Atlanta Forum, because I love architecture, engineering, urban development issues, and of course dinning out and shopping. I hope to be a good contributor to the D.C. forum as I learn more about my new future home.:)

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