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What do think of when you see an out-of-state license plate


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Keeping with the holiday travel season I thought of the times my family would travel to New Jersey for Chistmas. I wondered what the people were like in the cars on the interstate.

I will start this off......In NC 95 and 85 and 40 are the major interstates sooooooooooo...

1. Virginia-They probably think Virginia is no different...but DC makes us better

2. Geargia/Florida-I always looked for the county name before I made a judgement. If the plate had Dade or Fulton I would assume some upper middle class or single hotshot would think no matter what I-85 from Charlotte to Durham looked like they would think it was COUNTRY compared to their I-85 or I-95 SNOBS. Any other Georgia/Florida plate was cool with me.

3. New York/New Jersey-Don't judge our state by what is on I-95...we have cities in NC REALLY!!!!!

4. Tennessee-Man you had to drive through the mountains past Asheville, past Winston-Salem, past Greensboro,past the Triangle...it is ok to be jealous

5. Alabama-Even you gotta think our state is northern in influence

6. South Carolina-I probably know your cousin!!!!!!!!

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I have seen plates from the following states here in NC in the last year:

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, Montana, Alaska (really), New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, Michigan, and a few others including Ontario/Canada plates.

Of course, I have seen many of those along I-40/85, US 70 and US 421. Last year I even saw New Hampshire and Maine plates.

The ones I see the most are Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

What I think.........

Florida: You 'prolly think we are hicks up here in NC don't ya?........well at least we have beautiful landscapes up here!!

Georgia: Silly Atlantans

Virginia: You think you are where today's "north" starts

Pennsylvania: Yankees looking for jobs down here

Maryland: College kids driving and acting crazy

All in good fun!!

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I just think that people from outta state cant drive well... and when i am on 95 going to see my mother or my friends up north and I see a Florida plate, I feel it is our obligation to represent with some speed and character... Florida owns you in driving!

I agree 100%

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