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China's CCTV censors "friends"

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'Friends' Too Sexy for Chinese Television

Sun Jan 18, 8:55 AM ET

BEIJING - The hit American sitcom "Friends" may prove too risque for Chinese television.

All television in China is government-controlled, and China Central Television had planned to begin airing "Friends" this year. Staff are trying to edit out the sex talk, but "we will face many problems in translation and abridgment," said Qin Mingxin of CCTV's entertainment unit in an article on the Web site of the Communist Party's People's Daily.

"I had thought the play focused on friendship, but after a careful preview I found each episode had something to do with sex," Qin said.

"The attitudes of the six close-knit young friends in the play cannot be generally accepted by Chinese audiences yet," Qin was quoted as saying this past week.

"Friends" is already popular in China, as counterfeit DVDs of various seasons are available on the country's streets alongside fake Hollywood movies.

"Most youths on the Chinese mainland have watched the play and feel passionate about it. If we make too much trimming, I'm afraid they will not agree. But it is also impossible to accept it uncritically," Qin was quoted as saying.

"Friends" has been running on the U.S. network NBC since 1994. The 2003-04 season is to be its last.

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China is coming around, but man. Friends is so tame compared to other stuff... Too bad they don't have a public broadcast or corporate owned broadcast network with no censorship. :(

Sometimes I think its bad what we have in the USA, with the most censored TV in the first world - but man, its no where NEAR like this. LOL

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