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Another large Shopping Venue coming to Dubai and Dubailand.

Dubailand has set aside a massive 10 million square feet of prime land within the AED 35 billion Dubailand for the Dubai Outlet City.

It creates a facet of Dubailand, which will provide visitors with yet another major set of experiences that combine business, shopping pleasure and lifestyle. Dubai Outlet City is a critical element in the overall aim to build the region's - if not the world's - finest and the best tourism, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle development at the 2 billion square feet Dubailand.

This should have a very big city feel.

Plans have been drawn up to segment the development into five separate phased projects.These are Dubai Outlet Mall, Business Park & Web Marketing Centre, Oasis Beach & Promenade and the Samoa Hotel.

The Dubai Outlet Mall is designed to take retailing and shopping centre experience to a new level. It will be the only shopping complex within the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent - home to 1.8 billion people - that will have sufficient space for all of the world's factory outlets and discounted premium outlets.

The Business Park & Web Marketing Centre is a modern office block will accommodate administration requirements of companies located in the Dubai Outlet Mall. A full-time Exhibition Centre and Web Marketing Centre will offer regular exhibitions for launching new products and will be a provider of performance-based sales and Internet advertising services. All airlines, travel offices and visa issuance centres will be invited to locate themselves here.

Oasis Beach & Promenade is a large portion of the Dubai Outlet City project will be transformed into an enchanting water resort with an artificial beach in the middle of the desert. There is a promenade planned with fine dinning, shopping and entertainment choices.

The Samoa Hotel will be developed in a French Polynesian style with all rooms on the water designed to give guests a refreshing and invigorating experience. Additional facilities will include a full spa, wide choice of international cuisines, swimming pools, sports facilities and games and amusement centers.

Here's one pic of the Oasis Beach:


More pics to come soon.

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