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Here's an interesting article I also saw in my local paper. I didn't know Guthrie has the largest contiguous urban historical district. I might have to go check it out sometime. Wish it was a little closer to the Arkansas border though. :D Wish I could have found some better pics to show too.



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Looks pretty interesting.

Any ideas on how big this historical urban district is?

Not really, I didn't even know this until I saw the article. It was the capitol for a while but when it was moved to OKC it really died off. But that's probably what saved most of the buildings too.

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But that's probably what saved most of the buildings too.

You're exactly right. The city was so poor during the 60's and 70's urban renewal period, they couldn't afford to build any new buildings, so history was preserved. I've been meaning to do a thread on Guthrie for a while but you beat me to it.

I'm not sure how big the official historical district is, but the downtown area with all the historical buildings is probably 30 blocks. There's lots to explore, including several museums. There is also the largest Masonic Temple in the country on the site that was meant for the state capitol. I believe you can tour it. Guthrie is the bed and breakfast capital of Oklahoma, and some of them even do "mystery" weekends, where everyone plays a part as they play out the mystery. The Stone Lion Inn and the Harrison House are the most famous. Guthrie also has Oklahoma's only true professional year-round theatre, The Pollard, which is most famous for its annual production of A Territorial Christmas Carol--Dickens' classic retold in a frontier setting.





Masonic Temple

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The Historic District contains 2,169 buildings, 1,400 acres and 400 city blocks. the population is about the same as it was when it was established. its pop. is 10,505. the town it probably 30 minutes or so from okc.

Yeah I have to say that was more than I was expecting too. Now I'm even more interested in it. Just wish it wasn't quite so far away from me.

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Unfortunately for me when I'm in OKC I'm usually heading out west to see family. It's already a long trip without stopping to look around anywhere. And it's also far enough away from us to prevent a convenient easy trip. You could make a daytrip out of it certainly but you may not have as much time as you like to see everything in both Guthrie and OKC.

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