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PROPOSED: Parking Garage at Garrahy Courthouse

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Garrahy Garage

Location: Clifford & Richmond Streets

Start: TBD

Completion: TBD

Project Description: Construction of new parking garage that will contain an estimated 950-1,000 parking spaces.

Investment: $20 Million

Developer: State of Rhode Island

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Wow thats a large garage. Pefect spot...

I agree. That's just the kind of garage in just the kind of place that I just recently posted that Providence should have... Convenient to both Downcity and the future 195 neighborhoods...

- Garris

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I'll believe this one when I see it. The state has promised for years to build a garage there and somehow never gets around to it.

DITTO!!!!! But why stop there. Let's move BOTH the Traffic Tribunal Court & the RMV there. There's enough land to do all three. And we can re-name it Judical Plaza. Or payoff Plaza. :whistling:

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A building at the end of Pine is already has been and is in the process of being renovated into a student center for Johnson & Wales.

The state could make some cash with this property. I wonder if JWU is interested in it as a potential student center site, with a parking facility attached - maybe an arrangement could be made to reserve some spots for court parking.
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This is on the DMA's agenda for their meeting, so I guess I can talk about it (I was actually never asked not to talk about it).

The state is proposing to restart this project (with what money I'm not sure). It is hoped, that flooding the market with the spaces that this garage will produce, will impact the surface lot owners and they may be induced to sell their lots for development.

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