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I ran across an article on New Urbanism in Saturday's Observer written by Mary Newsome. Apparently she writes an Urban Outlook column for the Observer on growth issues in Charlotte. She has a blog called The Naked City. I know we pick on Dougy Smith some around here but I had never heard of her before, maybe I'm just blind. Did any of you here know about her articles? If so what do you think about this? If not you can check out her blog at the link I made. (Maybe she's secretly a poster. We all know this is where Doug comes to get his next big scoop. :whistling: )

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Some of her articles have been referenced over the forum in recent years. A few years ago I followed her columns more often. But, I haven't in recent years, because she writes them so infrequently. For the most part, I like her themes.

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She has a couple of forum like discussions going on there. Too bad those people have yet to find Urban Planet. They could talk about TODs and TIFs all they want to here.

And be upstaged and outclassed by a bunch of amateurs? NEVER!

Seriously, though, David Walters isn't doing his column anymore. He should stop by and say hello.

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