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Al-Emarat Sports World


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Al-Emarat Sports World will be Dubailands first ever internationally orientated facility in the region to host drag racing. The AED 360 million project is a state of the art facility that will incorporate world class drag racers. The main aim of Al-Emarat Sports World is to generate international awareness and support by hosting world class events and sporting competitions in a luxurious setting.

The massive 2 billion square feet and AED 18 billion generating Dubailand has been set up by the Dubai Tourism Development Company and promoted by Dubai Development and Investment Authority.

Both the promoters pointed out that Al-Emarat Sports World offers unique state-of-the-art facilities that will elevate it to the top of the regional league. Some of the main components of Al-Emarat Sports World will include Enclosed Multipurpose Arena for sports games, art gallery, special events and exhibitions, horse beauty show, motorbike and bicycle trails and different sport shows.

The project will also include a Shooting Complex that will host different competitions like skeet competitions and indoor shooting activities. It will also include a facility that will comprise of hoarse stables and a Riding School Academy as well as a world-class Drag & Motor Complex .

The project will include other sporting facilities like squash, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis, snooker & billiards, bowling and sports museum. Finally, Al-Emarat Sports World will also offer comprehensive facilities and support services including a shopping mall, and a hotel.

The entire development will span over an area of 1.5 million square feet.

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Has anyone heard any about any soccer related developments? I do know that the Emirates Airlines sponsers some major teams in Britain, perhaps some other in other places in Europe. Just been a bit surprised not to hear more about soccer over there. Dubai should try hosting the World Cup. I'm sure they could build the facilities for it.

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They have the A1 grand prix obviously.

Bahrain just recently got it so it may be a few years before Dubai get it. I think Dubai definitely deserve to have the F1 since they love cars so much over there. :D

^Heck yeah.

Dubai definately deserves to be on the F1 circuit.

The car selection there is amazing. Ferrari's, Porsche GT's, Lambos, you name it Dubai's got it and plenty of them.

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