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Vought to stay in Nashville at least through 2010


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This was some welcome news today as Vought Industries said they are keeping the Nashville assembly plant at least through 2010 because of Airbus contract. I am really glad to see this for the workers there and for the Nashville economy.

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This is fabulous news! I have a brother who has worked for Avco/Textron/Vaught for more than 20 years. Somehow he has survived all the many layoffs that have taken place there. When the move to Dallas was announced he was one of the last scheduled to move there in early 2007. He was happy that the move was delayed that long. As time went by, he kept hearing about how disasterous the move was. Costs were considerably higher in Dallas and initial quality tests completely failed. Airbus told Vaught that they couldn't accept any product currently made in Nashville from the Dallas facility. Based on that, my brother decided he would take his chances that they wouldn't move to Dallas, and he told them he was staying put. Not long after that, the executive who proposed the whole fiasco was fired. My brother told me that an annoucement on whether Nashville would be closed at all would be coming soon. Now it's here, and it was the announcement I had hoped for. Oh, I'm soooo happy!!!!! This truly is a Christmas present!!! :yahoo:

I feel that it's safe to predict that the Vaught facility will continue manufacturing here for a long time to come.

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This is a great christmas gift to a thousand Nashville households! Who could ask for better news this time of year? Plus, by what Hankster said, its also great to know that a Tennessee makes a better product cheaper than the potential Dallas plant that was supposed to replace it, just shows IMO how competative the Tennessee workforce can be!

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