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New South Wales Tour Chapter 1


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Welcome to


Welcome to the State of New south Wales everyone!

We could tke a tour on the state of New South Wales. Enjoy!

Quick Facts:


Largest City:Sydney(also the largest city in Oceania)

Highest Point:Mt.Kosciusko 7,316 feet(tallest mtn. in australia)

Lowest Point:Pacific Ocean

Now we got through the tour's preview, let's Start!


This is mighty Mount Kosciusko(above)which stands 7,316 feet high

as high as Ayers Rock! OMG!

But it is not taller than Mt.Wilhelm(below)


I don't know how high is this summit but this is located in central PNG.

Back in New South Wales, we will enter the oldest and largest city in Australia.


but this is the first chapter of the tour

so I will finish untill my post is shown. See Ya!

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