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Saudia Arabia Projects, Developments, and Updates


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There's a lot going on in Saudia Arabia, so let's list those projects:

Olaya Towers: Riyadh




OIC Headquaters: Jeddah





Avenue Mall: Riyadh (185 Stores)


Ethraa Mall: Riyadh


Al Anoud Tower 18 Floors: Riyadh


Prince Majed Park: Jeddah


Abraj Al Farsi, 3 towers each 30 Floors Under Construction: Jeddah


Dyar al-Bahr 27 Floors: Jeddah


Corniche Hotel 7 star Hotel Under Construction: Jeddah


Unknown Towers around 25 Floors Each: Jeddah


The Business Village including a 20 Floor Highrise: Jeddah


Presidency Of Meteorology and Environment 18 Floors: Jeddah


Saudi Real Estate Development Tower 20 Floors: Jeddah


Red Sea Mall, 400 Stores: Jeddah


More to come soon.

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The Jeddah International Airport has been approved for an airport expansion. The airport is doing this for several reasons including trying to be consistent with advanced international standards for accommodating the new generation of wide-body aircraft, like the Airbus 380, and therefore will enable the airport to contribute effectively to air traffic and economic growth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Also, the necessary steps of the airport development has been approved, which started with the preparation of the Airport Master Plan to ensure the implementation of the expansion project in an appropriate, cost-effective location, within the current airport parameters. In addition, it calls for using the highest international construction standards for present and future development elements, and ensure optimum utilization of available space, as well as to meet the expected increase in passenger volume over the coming 30 years.

The capacity of the new terminals, together with their associated facilities, is envisaged to be 30 million passengers a year in Phase One, with the potential of serving as many as 60 million passengers later. All airport facilities will be capable of accommodating the new generation of wide-body aircraft, particularly the Airbus 380.The estimated cost of the airport

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Another Mall Project.

The expansion of Rashid Mall Expansion includes a 70,000 sq m mall expansion, 8 stories Hotel, 12,000 sq m Carrefour hypermarket, parking building, and bridge. Construction is underway and it seems that it will be completed by the end of the year. The total area of the mall will be 3,000,000 sq ft.


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One of the largest investment projects in the field of hotel housing units in the holy capital, Makka, is the Meridian Hotel Towers Project.

This project includes includes luxurious hotel housing units in both Makka Al-Mukarama. The project consists of eighth adjacent buildings, each 21 Floors, which secure super and comfortable accommodation.

These towers are characterized by their internationally acknowledged brand name, Meridian, which is very high quality. The total area of the project is about 8,362 metres, with a glorious fa

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I was interested in your list of projects going on in Riyadh and Jeddah. Do you know anything about the Stars Avenue Mall in Jeddah, particularly who owns it. I understand there are two brother, the mall is around 90,000sq. metres but know no more than that. Grateful for any further info.

Keith J Rayson

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