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Increase in Costs of Utilities


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Okay, I got my gas bill. Thirty bucks more than last year. Did anyone get hit hard on their bill?

Not terribly bad, no. About the same as yours I think. A co-worker looked into the possibility of doing the "fixed bill" thing, but it would have been over 200 a month for the whole year, so he is worried that his bill will be like 400 bucks :blink: I suppose this might hurt those with older, drafty houses and inefficient furnaces harder than others. :unsure:

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I didn't know you can geta fixed plan? Hmm, is it really worth it? I payed about 50 more last month.

The only benefit is that your bill is fixed (they average out your past year's use) so that it doesn't go up and down during different seasons. It's very nice for budgeting, that's for sure.

Does anyone know if organizations like Home Repair Services goes around and "winter-izes" homes for people. That would be nice.

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What do you mean by winterize?

Add extra insulation in the attic, seal around windows, put insulating foam in exterior wall outlets, maybe plastic sheathing on drafty windows, wrap your water heater.


EPA - Energy Star puts out this guide: Home Sealing Do-It-Yourself Guide

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Dad, HRS might do it, I know that they offer a lot of information for first-time home buyers and how to winterize. Since my mom goes through HRS she might be going down to the Division location to pick up some more info about it, (she lives in a house off of Leanord north of Downtown that is so drafty you can see the curtons move!) if you want I can relay you the stuff.

I have to get going, but heres some place to start:


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Hey, you can all thank Mr. GW for this weather. How long will it be before there's no snow in West Michigan? After going to Traverse City last year, I remembered what GR winters were like.

I know, I know, quit the b**chin'! At least we don't have to turn the heat on as high.

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