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Kerry and Edwards are on top


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I think Dean made himself look bad. I didn't trust him from the start and you won't find much support for him in the south. If the nominee can't win the south, he is not going to beat Bush. Bush is the strongest in the south and mid/interior west. Edwards is the only candidate that appeals to people in both of Bush's strongest regions. Any democrat can win the urban areas and the northeast. Democrats have to win rural areas across the country in order to beat Bush and Edwards appeals to rural small town folks. After seeing Dean's "losing" speech last night, there is no way I would vote for him. He sounded like he was possesed by the devil and basically let his anger and frustration show through. Honestly, he scared me. His personality is too unstable. I think its going to come down to the wire between Edwards and Kerry. I believe the democratic party will nominate Edwards. All democratic presidents from the last several decades have come from the south and there is a strategical reason for that. The south is the most conservative region of the country.

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The south is the Republican's largest stronghold - its no longer very competitive.

cityboi - I think you are experiencing home-grown pride for Edwards, which is fine. But I don't see how Dean is that evil, or extreme...

If a Kerry/Edwards ticket ends up getting nominated, that will be interesting though.

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Dean just comes across to me as arrogant for some reason. He hasn't really explained his plan of domestic issues. Dean played to much off of an anti-war campaign. I think Edwards can take the south. Georgaphy plays a role because Clinton also took the south.

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The south is Republican, and it is solidly Bush country and everyone knows it. There are more Bush signs per capita in people's yards and on bumper stickers (even still today from 2000) down here then people who actually use their brains.

The Dems are also solidly pathetic... Dean's enthusiastic speech last night has been taken way out of context and I could care less at this point. Dean doesn't even support a number of things I support - like single-payer healthcare.

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Any democrat can win the urban areas and the northeast.

That isn't entirely true, either. I predict the Democrats will, within my lifetime, lose the entire black voting bloc. There goes your entire "urban" vote. I think we should just face the facts and admit it - America is divided. URBAN CORE = BLACK. SUBURBIA = WHITE. We still vote along racial lines today to a high degree (it isn't absolute, of course). And I think we'll see some major shakeups in the not-so-distant future.

However, before the blacks turn Republican, the Hispanics will. Hispanics are turning Republican left and right - no pun intended. Look at California. Or shall we say "COW-LEE-FOR-NEE-YA"

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I've been supporting Dean for a while, but I'm so tired of these elections starting earlier and earlier (I heard Giuliani, was in Iowa last week... getting ready for 2008!) that I really haven't paid much attention until lately.

I like Dean, but he's gotta stop fvcking up. I think last night's speech has been blown all out of proportion (it's fun to kick someone when they're down you know). But I also think it is one in a long string of slip-ups. Who does he have telling him what to do? Does he listen to their advise? Does he not understand their advise? He's just not being careful.

Edwards I had heard next to nothing about until this week (he didn't even get enough signatures here in RI to make the primary ballot). But I liked what he had to say last night. I'll keep my eye on him.

Kerry, I do not like. I'm kicking myself for not voting for Gov. Weld when he ran against him for Senate back in '90 or '92. I wonder how things would have been different if Weld had gone to the Senate. What would have a liberal Republican from Massachusetts in the Senate done to the Republican party nationally? Oh well, we'll never know now. But Kerry is just an out of touch billionaire and he leans too heavily on his war record. Great John, you were in Vietnam, 30 years ago. What are you going to do for me, in this century? The Globe had a weeklong piece on him several months ago, going back over his life and his career. It was basically a puff piece, they were trying to spin him well, but after reading a couple of the pieces, I came away really hating the man.

The Globe endorsed Kerry today for the NH primary, but they also ran this cartoon...

Globe Endorsement


I can't tell if they want me to vote for him or not.

The Herald (Boston's more conservative paper) endorses Kerry too.

Boston Herald

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