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Christmas in the Southwest


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I'm not from New Mexico but I do have family there. I've only seen pictures because I'm never out there this time of year but it's time for all the luminarias. They can be made of different things, but often times you'll see them bsically made of a candle and a paper sack. It has an interesting look mixed in with all the adobe buildings. In Albuquerque and the part of the state south of it they are called luminarias. In Santa Fe and some of the older historical towns in the north of New Mexico they are called farolitos. Anyway here's a few pics.






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Those are fantastic shots. Is that the Plaza in Old Town Albuquerque? I was there a couple of years ago. I was almost surprised to find it--a welcome corner of downtown.

Yeah. The mission church is San Felipe de Neri founded in 1793. Old Town has an odd history. It was the original part of town, but when the railroad came near the area they shifted towards it and Old Town was basically forgotten. But as Albuquerque became a bigger city it became a part of the city again.

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