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Cumberland Apts gets a facelift


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Brick is a good thing. But clad it on the side of the Cumberland, and it would look out of place in Nashville's "concrete" forest. LOL!!!

This is just my opinion of course. You could brick the bottom half if you wanted or something along those lines. Seperate the bottom from the mid-rise and the high-rise portions.

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I guess any alternative to what it is now would look nice in my eyes. It's pretty ugly as of right now.

You are right. When I lived in Lexington, Ky we had a high-rise brick tower that was residential. It was just a sore thumb down there in the CBD. But it was residents. So I could see the trade-off as being fair.

Here is a picture I took a long time ago (4 years) of downtown Lexington. It is the brick structure on the far right side of the pic. Not the most attractive thing considering what was around it. But it worked.


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Oh. That's not pretty. I'm thinking maybe a brighter red. Would that maybe work?

Perhaps. The brick used in that tower above (Park Place Tower) is actually more of a true brownstone brick that you see on older structures. It was done to compliment the surrounding residential 'hoods of downtown Lexington (which are some of the finest and oldest in the south I might add).

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I'm with you cheeriokid!!

They should NEVER be allowed to put anything but bright red brick in a downtown... any other shade just comes off as looking old, tired and gritty... the second its done it looks like it needs to be renovated... now with a bright red scheme, it really brightens up the surrounding areas, pops out, and looks (oh my gosh!!!) NEW!!! AND it has the added bonus that as it ages, it still looks good... unlike most other shades...

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