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Update on West End Summit


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It would be great to know if this forum helps determine how some of these projects turn out. If we don't stay on top of things they may just get buried and we are a vain bunch , we all want to break the story.

I am glad we have someone in the media to push for answers.

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William and I discussed WES today at length. Palmer has to do something. The land is too valuable and the city does not like having a vast amount of empty and undeveloped land. Empty land can become a haven for crime.

Unfortunatley, the old lodge came down before anything definate happened, and Palmer is paying property tax on land that is not producing any revenue like surface parking or a short term land lease for a business.

They could at least pave and line the land for surface parking to produce some revenue. I am amazed that the land could sit vacant for so long. The area is so prime for development. Too bad a nicely designed shopping mall and urban park with condo's is not an option for Mr. Palmer at this point.

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