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Celebs in Columbia!


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Given the size of the area, pound for pound there are very few places I can think of that have quite as many celebs affiliated, from, or living in the region. I think VA Beach celeb status given its size is amazing!

But anyway as far as Clum:

Angie Stone

Jermaine Oneal

Ray Allen (Sumter Co.)

Hootie & Blowfish

Deuce Staley

Lisa Gibbons

Steve Spurs

Cock-a-doodle-lou (while he was coaching)

Allen Johnson (110m hurdle olympic gold medalest)

The gut who invented XM sat. radio (forget his name but was a USC grad).

I know we have an astronaut (CA Johnson HS grad).

Just a few I can think.

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The astronaut is Charles Bolden, Jr. He resides in Houston now.

Former NBA player Xavier McDaniel lives out in NE Richland.

U.S. Olympian Terrance Trammel lives in Columbia as well.

I like how you put "....lives out in NE Richland..." like we're out in the boonies or something.....to be honest with you I feel that we have way more amminities than alot of inner city suburbs like Cayce/West Columbia which is merely right outside the downtown vicinity....just because we're a 25 minutes away from DT doesnt mean we're "out" there! :P

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Well... I'm not especially proud of this or anything, but Leeza Gibbons (it's "Leeza" not "Lisa") is from the Irmo area. Her dad owns that junk shop where Hwy. 6 and 76 intersect in Ballentine.

Let's see... the only person I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is Alex English ... that's all I got.

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