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Neighbors draw battle lines after property survey


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Loretta Burnaska's neighbors drilled holes in her concrete when they put their fence on their established property line, which falls on the edge of Burnaska's driveway. Burnaska wonders if the road marker the surveyors used was put in the wrong place after road repairs.


Loretta Burnaska shows what her driveway looked like before the neighbor's fence went up. Township officials are staying out of the dispute for now.


Neighbors draw battle lines after property survey dispute

Plymouth Township lot line change has domino effect

By Karen Bouffard / The Detroit News


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I would too. We actually have a much worse situation in my subdivision, however.

Some people down the street from me put an addition onto their house so that they could run a dance studio business out of their home. Well they didn't check into the ordinances first, so they didn't realize (or just plain didn't care) that running a business like that out of your home is illegal. Then they built this HUGE addition onto the side of their house without a building permit. It looks awful. And to make matters worse, they built over into the neighbor's yard because they didn't actually have the property surveyed before they illegally added on. Then they put a gravel parking lot in their front yard. And every time dance class is held the cars' headlights shine in the neighbor's windows. Finally the township took the people to court because nearly 50 nearby homeowners complained. The dance studio owners lost, and now have 30 days to stop running the studio out of their home, tear down the addition, take out the gravel parking lot, and restore the neighbor's property to it's previous condition. Talk about a nightmare!

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