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Name that Cities! 2


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Ok, This is the newer version of Guess the city, but there is

one thing, if you get all of them right,

You will win a Everlife Flashlight!

This is the only flashlight that lasts forever, that light will

be seen 2.1 killometers away!

Are you ready?

I wil give you 3 hints every time you get a city wrong.

If you got 4 wrong,

you will go to jail for 3 days, It is not real, you might come back

here in 3 days.

So, Have Fun!

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


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First one is Hong Kong, that one was easy. The second I thought was an Italian town but I admit I wasn't sure which one. But since Ronald said Sienna that sounds pretty good. The third one I'm pretty sure is European and not American. That building at the end looks a bit familiar but I can't quite figure what city it is. Seems like it was northern Europe. I don't think it's Stockholm. That mainly leaves St Petersburg, Helsinki and Oslo. I'd have to lean more towards Oslo or Helsinki on the last.

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